All you need to know about Crash Barriers

All you need to know about Crash Barriers

15 Jul, 2023

Road safety is an extremely important thing to consider, owing to the increasing rates of road accidents. Crash barriers are mainly used in road design in order to prevent vehicles from leaving the roadway and to improve road safety. These crash barriers can hold up and lead back vehicles of up to 40 tons. They are commonly seen at the places or highways where it may be dangerous or even fatal if vehicle accidently left the roadway. Moreover, these crash barriers are designed in such a way that if vehicle hits the barrier, it is steered back onto the roadway immediately.

Crash barriers are sometimes designed in such a way that it deform when vehicle hits the barrier and deflect the vehicle back on the road. Motorbikes are generally vulnerable to barriers and heavy vehicles or vehicles with high center of gravity are vulnerable to going over some Crash Barrier. There are several types of crash barriers and they all are designed with the purpose of preventing vehicles from leaving traffic lane. Let’s get to know some of the important benefits of using Crash barriers.

Advantages of Using Crash barriers

Tested and Certified

These crash barriers are tested and certified to international standards and thus prove highly effective wherever placed.

Highly Visible

Another benefit of using Highway Crash Barrier is that it is highly visible and therefore, avoids accidents on roads. It prevents vehicles from leaving roadway and thereby decreases the number of accidents on highways.

Little or no maintenance required

Crash barriers require little or no maintenance and thus it is highly beneficial on multi-lanes and highways where there is no one to maintain the same.

Strong, durable and flexible

These Crash barriers are highly strong, durable and flexible. These barriers can easily tolerate or withstand tough weather conditions and thus last for pretty long time.