High Mast Pole

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High Mast Pole

A high mast pole, also known as a high mast lighting pole or simply high mast, is a tall vertical structure used to support powerful lighting fixtures at significant heights. These poles are commonly used in various outdoor spaces, such as highways, airports, ports, sports stadiums, parking lots, and industrial areas, where a high level of illumination is required over large areas. High mast poles play a crucial role in providing effective lighting for improved visibility and security in both public and private settings.

Key features and aspects of high mast poles include:

Height: High mast poles are tall structures, often ranging from 20 to 150 feet or more in height. The elevated position allows them to provide illumination over large areas without the need for multiple lower-height poles.

Lighting Fixtures: High mast poles are equipped with multiple lighting fixtures mounted at various points along the pole. These fixtures can be floodlights, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, LED lights, or other high-output lighting technologies.

Area Coverage: The arrangement of lighting fixtures on a high mast pole ensures that light is evenly distributed over a broad area. This makes them suitable for lighting up highways, parking lots, sports fields, and other expansive spaces.

Visibility and Security: High mast lighting enhances visibility and safety in areas with low ambient lighting. Well-lit spaces discourage criminal activity, enhance surveillance, and improve the overall sense of security.

Economic Efficiency: Despite the initial investment in construction and installation, high mast poles can be cost-effective in terms of energy consumption, maintenance, and reduced need for numerous smaller poles.

Control Systems: Many high mast lighting systems are equipped with sophisticated control mechanisms. These can include remote control, timers, sensors, and smart lighting solutions that adjust light levels based on ambient conditions or traffic patterns.

Installation: High mast poles are designed for stability and durability. They are usually embedded in concrete foundations to ensure stability in various weather conditions.

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